Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the Lot, or It's Still Real!

My fellow Fellows in the features side of the 2008 Disney Writing Fellowship. Tim Stitzel, an LA boy originally from San Antonio, Roberto Marinas, a Canadian, eh, and Anthony Sclafani, from New York. I'd take a bullet* for these guys!

*Bullet must consist of soft or semi-soft spreadable cheese. Some restrictions may apply.

The WGA had a dinner for us when we started the program. I couldn't stop smiling when I first set foot in the building. For 5 years I had driven past this place, staring at it longingly, and now I was one of their guests of honor!

Of course, I later discovered the WGA library is open to the public and I could have walked in any time. Ha!

The TV and Features fellows during happier times. Before things got...ugly. Ho! Not really, things have always been at the exact same level of attractiveness. Good times.

Trying to follow in the footprints (handprints?) of giants. Part of the hall of legends plaza in the Disney Burbank lot.

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