Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic Con Carne 07

San Diego Comic Con was crammed full of goodness this year. Met so many people, saw so many spandex costumes pushed to their tensile limits by many a bulging gut.

But let us begin with the loot, with this little jewel I lovingly call L'Spidey.

A genuine 1979 Mego Spider-Man still in its original package. I snatched it from a toy bin seconds before another guy reached for it with shaking hands. Twenty clams seemed kind of pricey so I was going to let the guy have it, since he seemed to be hyperventilating and all. Then I noticed something odd - L'Homme Araignee? Holy nuts, it was a FRENCH Mego Spidey! The packaging even refers to "Thor the Mighty," "La Torche Humaine," and my favorite, "La Chose" (click back image to enlarge)!

I elbowed aside the mouth-breather and claimed my prize. Someone else getting their mitts on this treasure? I say thee nay!

This little baby is a Halo postcard signed by Brian Michael Bendis. It's actually not even from the Halo book he's working on, but he was a mensch and signed it anyway. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I towered at least a foot over him.

Which brings us to the pinnacle of my Con trip. I met Brian Michael Bendis! Not only that, but I gave him a copy of my book, "Wanted." To which he replied, "That's great, man, you're doing it, you're creating." Then he chucked it under the table, so, yeah, short-lived moment of glory. Even so, it was pretty damned cool to meet - and I don't think this is too much a stretch - our generation's equivalent of Stan Lee. I got New Avengers artist Leinil Yu to take our picture, but he had the camera set on video instead of picture, thus negating the stereotype about Asians and their innate skills with cameras.

And now more Comic-Con 07 highlights. Roll 'em!

Terry Moore? Hmm, not ringing any bells. What is it you've done, again?

Zander Cannon, you get to continue the seminal comic series "Top 10," thereby directly following in the footsteps of comics legend Alan Moore. Hope you remembered the antiperspirant.

Artist Adam Hughes gives his "sexy" look.

A wooden robot. Which makes him a... Eh, it's too easy.

Holy smokes! Kal El takes a nicotine break. Moments later he lit some other dude's cigarette. I believe this was the evil version from "Superman III," the one where he also gets hammered and then gets laid.

Artist Ethan Van Sciver demonstrates where his yellow power ring will snugly reside, once he figures out a way to instill fear via No. 2 pencil.

What little boys dream of when they first hit puberty.