Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who's the Daddy?

I am, that's who!

First my book comes out, then that same week my beautiful wife, Nina, tells me she's pregnant. We're going to have a little chunkster!

I'm so excited.

And scared.

And excited.

I'm a first-time daddy and a published author. God, I just want you to know all is forgiven for the hell I had to go through in high school. The horrible skin. The crippling insecurities. Getting rejected by anyone with ovaries... Seriously, God, every single girl? And that incident at prom with all the purses - was that really necessary?

I expect an exceedingly cute baby.

Yaaaaay chromosomes!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Global Domination: Step 1

Sweet cracklin' oats, my book "Wanted" is finally out! The cover's a little, oh I dont know, electric neon orange? But aside from that minor quibble I couldn't be prouder.

Besides, orange is the color of courage. In fact, I believe "orange" is the Navajo word for "He who draws too much attention in the battlefield and gets many arrows lodged in his chest." Indian languages are remarkably efficient.

But back to my accomplishments. "Wanted" was originally a screenplay. Somehow, I took a left turn at Albuquerque and it ended up as a novel. My great hope is that I can option the movie rights and perhaps even get a crack at writing the first draft. That would be a tremendous professional and financial boost. I believe the Apache term for it is "ka-ching!"