Thursday, July 07, 2005

Praper grammr is four pooseiss

Hmm, by the looks of the meager comments on these many posts over which I have sweated (swat, if you will), not many folks stop by to enjoy their freshly squeezed Bangladoink.

Perhaps a catchy slogan would help.

1. Bangladoink: For people with penises. Or without.

2. Just do it.
Might want to think about it.
Is that really the best course of action?
It can probably wait till tomorrow.
Aw, fuck it.

3. Bangladoink: It’s what’s for brunch.

4. Bangladoink: No lubrication required.

5. Bangladoink: Some swelling may occur.

6. Bangladoink über alles!

7. Get your 20-foot-high breasts here.

8. Bekaus praper grammr is four pooseiss

9. STD-free since ’73.

10. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand… So, keep it in your mouth.

*And a freebie for the Diary Industry—“Milk: The other white drink.”


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